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Rapid Assessment of Pandemic Impact on Development Led by Prof Fisher

A group of Psychology faculty led by Professor Philip Fisher are leading a study to measure the effect of the coronavirus epidemic on young children and their families:

“There is very limited actionable science-based, data-driven information to inform federal and state policy about the best ways to manage the situation in order to buffer children from long-term toxic stress effects,” Fisher said. “The situation is extremely fluid, with new information about the state of the pandemic and local, state, and policy decisions being made on a daily basis.”

Read more about the study in the report from the first wave of data collection and in Around The O.

The research is made possible by three new grants totaling roughly $500,000 from the Heising-Simons Foundation, the JB and MK Pritzker Family Foundation and the Valhalla Charitable Foundation.

One thought on “Rapid Assessment of Pandemic Impact on Development Led by Prof Fisher

  1. Dear Professor Fisher, I was both troubled and heartened by the USA Today report on your work, troubled by the findings. heartened that you are looking at parents’ need for emotional support. The latter is the ‘stock in trade’ of Parents Forum. We are working with a Head Start program in Youngstown, Ohio (my home state) although the program (still in my kitchen) is in Cambridge, Mass. Eve Sullivan

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