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Founded in 1876, the Department of Psychology at the University of Oregon is among the oldest in the West. In that nearly century and a half, Psychology faculty have been dedicated to rigorous empirical research, excellence in teaching, and evidence-based practice. Our research is organized into four broad areas, clinical, cognitive neuroscience, developmental, and social-personality, with extensive collaboration across these.

Innovation has long been a hallmark feature of the department. For example, the first course ever offered in personality psychology was taught in our department, and formative research in the fields of cognitive neuroscience and developmental psychopathology was conduced here. We have 31 faculty members, three of whom are members of the National Academy of Sciences.

One of the most distinctive features about the department’s efforts to address diversity and inclusivity is the Committee for an Inclusive Community (CIC). The CIC is an organization composed of graduate students, faculty and staff invested in the shared interest of a diverse and inclusive environment within the department. The organization was first formed in 2012 and admits new members every year.

The high quality of our students and the training that they receive is evident in the number of awards that they bring home to the department. Listed below are awards offered by generous donors to the University as well as recent psychology graduate and undergraduate student winners.


Graduate Student Awards

The Beverly Fagot Dissertation Fellowship Fund awards support to a doctoral student that has advanced to candidacy and has a focus on research in the area of social development and/or developmental psychopathology.

The recent winners are: Jackie O’Brien (2020), Grace Binion (2019), Dani Cosme (2018), Jessica Kosie (2017), and Michelle Fong and Kathryn Iurino (2016).

The Gregores Research Award assists graduate students with educational expenses associated with conducting research, including tuition, fees, books, miscellaneous supplies, and/or costs associated with attendance and travel for career development purposes, including conferences.

The recent winners are: Alexis Adams-Clark, Raleigh Goodwin, and Brendan Cullen (2020), Monika Lind and Cameron Kay (2019), Theresa Cheng and and Jessica Flannery (2018), Atsushi Kikumoto and Elizabeth Loi (2017), and Jeffrey Peterson and Xiaoning ‘Shining’ Sun (2016).

The Norman D. Sundberg Fellowship in Psychology supports studies related to cultural, clinical, community, and personality assessment issues as these areas were prominent in Norman Sundberg’s career at the UO. The cultural studies aspect of their research may include both international and in-country ethnic studies.

The recent winners are: Cameron Kay, Monika Lind, and Vinita Vader (2020), Melissa Barnes, Katherine Hagan, and Tamara Niella (2019), Rita Ludwig, Ben Nelson, and Dori Wright (2018), Jessica Flannery and Lauren Kahn (2017), and Alicia Ibaraki and Kristen Reinhardt (2016).


Undergraduate Student Awards

The Leona Tyler Scholarship is intended to support Psychology undergraduates emphasizing the study of individuality and diversity; counseling and clinical work; human development; children’s and adult’s interests and choice patterns; and the promotion of peace.

The recent winners are: Savannah Krieger, Theemeshni Govender, Lisa Guerricabeitia, and Chelsea Robertson (2019), Allysia Rainey, Alisha Wells, Vy Tran, and Lilly Elston (2018), and Adeliine Fecker, Alexa Bailey, John “Ben” Wiebe and Larissa Williams (2017).

The Alice Thompson Scholarship is for Psychology majors interested in cognition, brain physiology, and/or other physical science applications in the field of psychology. Up to four students are selected.

The recent winners are: Rachel Jackson, Takako Iwashita, Meghan Buchanan, Krista Wurscher, and Hongyi Shen (2019), Takako Iwashita, Faith Collins, Gracie Arnone, and Krista Wurscher (2018), and Everette Somers, Madison Gourlay, Jared Acosta-King and Anna Young (2017).

The Sheldon Zack Memorial Scholarship is awarded to outstanding University of Oregon undergraduates who are majoring in psychology.

The recent winners are: Joshua Pearman (2018), and Trieu-Giang Le (2017).