Faculty in the Press!

Dr. Slovic on the left, Dr. Tucker in the middle, and Dr. Allen on the right
Expiration Date: 
Sunday, June 19, 2022

Several of our illustrious faculty have been featured in the news recently! In a New York Times article titled "The ‘psychic numbing’ of mass tragedies," Dr. Paul Slovic describes why psychic numbing happens and how to overcome it.

Meanwhile, an article in The Washington Post titled "This device may nudge your brain into deep sleep," featured Dr. Don Tucker's sleep device from the Brain Electrophysiology Lab. This device not only monitors sleep and eases the brain into deep sleep, but also boosts the brain's overnight cleaning function. You can also spot Dr. Tucker's work in an article by Oregon Public Broadcast titled "The science of sleep: Pacific Northwest researchers explore secrets of a good night's rest."

Finally, Stat News covered Dr. Nick Allen's research on smartphones and mental health in a recent article titled "Are smartphones making us miserable? A Google-backed study aims to find out." You can also read about the study in the AroundtheO article about it.