23 Psychology Presenters at the Undergraduate Research Symposium this Thursday

Students take part in a past Undergraduate Research Symposium in the EMU ballroom.
Expiration Date: 
Friday, May 27, 2022

If you enter the EMU this Thursday, you will get the chance to witness twenty-three of our intrepid undergraduates presenting their research. Psychology undergraduates will be responsible for eleven oral presentations and thirteen poster presentations. If you’re scratching your head at the math not holding up, it’s because one ambitious scholar is presenting both a poster and an oral presentation. Similar to most conferences, there will be many talks you can choose to attend. Luckily, there is an online schedule you can use to find talks that interest you. If you’re interested in catching some of our excellent psychology presenters, check out the paragraphs below.

The day begins at 9AM, when you can head to the Maple room to hear Serena Agterberg, who was featured in a recent article, present on risky sexual behavior in the Healthy Considerations Panel. Alternatively, Colin Kuhns will be presenting on zebrafish in the Gumwood room. After attending one of these lovely talks, you could stay in the Gumwood room for the Considering Covid panel to hear Elijah Alexander present on LGBTQ+ labels during the pandemic. If you’re more interested in research on sex, head to the Swindells room for the Sex, Drugs, and Music panel, where you can hear a presentation on why women fake orgasms by Alyssa Bui. At 1:15, I recommend you wander over to the Maple room for the Neuron & Cognition panel to hear about the neural mechanisms behind the rod-and-frame illusion from Ernestine Brannon. After this, you can check out the many posters in the Ballroom between 3 and 6. Keep an eye out for our psychology undergrad presenters: Serena Agterberg, Annaliese Elliot, Bridget Johns, Alvin Lengkong, Brinna Mawhinney, Zag McDowall, Sage Rezner, Giovanni Ricci, Sarah Romack, Emily Stutz, Pilar Tosio, and Erica Waldron.

There is also a whole other side to this symposium: it’s hybrid! The Undergraduate Research Symposium has a youtube channel, where you can see all of the presentations from 2020 & 2021. While there are many in-person talks, as described in the last paragraph, there will also be many virtual talks and posters over Zoom throughout the day - check the online schedule for Zoom links. These virtual talks will also be available later on their youtube channel. The first Virtual talk will be at 9, when I recommend checking out Mary Mugeki’s presentation on black voices in the Read, Speak, and Act panel. Later in the day, at 1:15, you can hear two undergraduate psychology students present in the Strive to Thrive panel: Alana Hilkey will discuss access to nutrition information in college students and Cali Moore will talk about cannabis use and student well-being. After this, you can join the Health and Social Science Zoom to hear talks by another three psychology undergradutes. Noelia Duncan will present on diabetes and illness perceptions, Ciera Sanders will discuss the impact of COVID-19 on families, and Ethan Scott will talk about change blindness. Lastly, don’t forget to check out the virtual poster from Jules Aviles. Virtual posters will be available on the Undergraduate Research Symposium youtube channel all day. To learn more about the various talks and presentations available throughout the day, check out the 2022 program event book.