Clinical Area Party

Crystal Dehle and Melynda Casement
Expiration Date: 
Friday, July 29, 2022

Last month in the courtyard of the Jordan Schnitzer Museum, the clinical program – students, faculty, and community partners alike – gathered in a spirit of celebration and appreciation. After years of COVID-related social-distancing, everyone appreciated the chance to chat and mingle without a computer screen between them.

This happy gathering offered an additional opportunity – networking with the community partners of the clinical program. During their program, clinical students develop their skills as a therapist by working in local clinics or with local therapists. The clinics and therapists who supervise these students are the community partners of the clinical program. Two of the long-standing partners present at the event were Dr. Ida Moadab from the Eugene Center for Anxiety and Stress and Dr. Erik Sorensen, who runs a clinical assessment practice in the community. In appreciation of the work done by the community partners, the clinical program publicly recognized and thanked them during this event.

During this event, students and faculty also celebrated Dr. Crystal Dehle’s retirement from clinic director and professor. Several professors shared their history with Crystal, who has been in the department for a long time. Louis Moses, Nick Allen, and Ruth Ellingsen all expressed their gratitude for her incredible contributions to the program. Besides being a fantastic clinician herself, Crystal was an outstanding clinic director. During her interview and first interactions with her, Ruth, the next clinic director, was struck by the warm, welcoming, and inclusive environment that Crystal created at the clinic. Katherine Hagan, a doctoral student in the clinic program, thanked Crystal on behalf of the students. Constantly working behind the scenes, Crystal made sure that all the details were taken care of and that everything was streamlined, so that students could focus on seeing their clients without getting bogged down. Crystal is leaving behind an incredible legacy of integrity and care.