Meet Dr. Chanel Meyers, New Assistant Professor in Diversity Science!

Dr. Chanel Meyers
Expiration Date: 
Tuesday, September 27, 2022

The department’s Diversity Science Search found a true gem in Dr. Chanel Meyers, whose research focuses on the role diversity plays in intergroup processes.  Born and raised in Hawaii, Dr. Meyers experienced culture-shock when she moved to the “mainland” U.S. to earn her B.S. in psychology. This experience of culture shock, as well as her experiences as a multiracial individual, led her to question how racial diversity impacts the way we deal with race and identity.

“My research highlights the experiences of underrepresented racial groups in psychology,” Dr. Meyers explains, “and builds theories within intergroup relations that are inclusive of these growing populations.” She is excited to continue conducting research on topics that push for diversity, equity, and inclusion and challenge racism in the field of psychology. Dr. Meyers also looks forward to sharing this with students, teaching them about topics that reflect their lived experiences.

Dr. Meyers is already familiar with the Pacific Northwest, coming to us from Whitman College in Washington and having gotten her B.S. at Western Oregon University. She is looking forward to experiencing Eugene’s local breweries and biking around town using our excellent bike paths. You can also find Dr. Meyers taking her dog, Gungi, on walks and playing boardgames with her partner.