Congratulations Graduates!

Graduates during the Ceremony
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Tuesday, July 12, 2022

 Graduates flooded the rainy campus yesterday with their green robes and triumphant faces. Graduation is a thrilling time for all and, especially so for our department, as we have so many psychology graduates to celebrate!

View of graduates from above with people cheering

We’d like to extend a heartfelt congratulations to all who graduated this term! Especially to those who successfully defended their dissertations and completed their doctorates this academic year!

Dr. Melissa Barnes worked with Jennifer Freyd on her dissertation: Collective Ongoing Betrayal Trauma: Gendered and Racialized Police Violence toward the Black Community.

Dr. Katie Denning worked with Sara Hodges on her dissertation: Counter-Projection in a Polarized Political Climate: Examining the Role of Threat and Ways to Reduce It.

Cake that says "Congratulations PhDucks!"

Dr. April Lightcap worked with Elliot Berkman on her dissertation: A Contextual Psychology Approach to Improving Health Outcomes in the Perinatal Period.

Dr. Ashley Miller worked with Nash Unsworth on her dissertation: Individual Differences in Learning and Memory Abilities: The Influence of Self-Efficacy.

Dr. Elizabeth Loi worked with Nick Allen on her dissertation: The Transition to Parenthood and the Family System: Links to Grandparents, Parents, and Infants to Perinatal Medical Risk and Early Parent Affect.

And a virtual cheers and congratulations to the many who have received their Master’s Degree! And to those who will complete their doctorate over the summer.

Graduates walking out

We also want to sincerely congratulate all the undergraduates who received their diploma: A sea of green 271-strong and swelled even further by graduates from 2021 and 2020 who, due to COVID-19, hadn’t been able to celebrate until yesterday. Congratulations everyone! As Alvin Lengkong, the undergraduate speaker, said in his speech, it’s been a hard few years, but that makes these achievements even sweeter.




Sara Hodges & Melissa Barnes   Jonathan Saunders Melissa Barnes and Jennifer Freyd  Melynda Casement backstage  Undergraduate speaker, Alvin Lengkong, with Jagdeep Bala  Katie Denning Graduation StageAshley Miller receiving a diploma Katie Denning receiving a diploma   Melissa Barnes receiving a diploma