Congratulations Summer Graduates!

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Monday, October 3, 2022

We’d like to extend a heartfelt congratulations to those who completed their doctorate degrees this summer! These graduates worked hard and achieved much. The psychology department is proud to have been part of their academic journey.

Dr. Sarah Donaldson worked with Jennifer Pfeifer on her dissertation: Dating and Mating in Adolescence: How Hormones and Puberty Influence Mating Motivation in Adolescence.

Dr. Lea Frank worked with Dasa Zeithamova on their dissertation: Individual Differences in Hippocampal Connectivity Contribute to Different Memory Processes.

Dr. Jacqueline O’Brien worked with Maureen Zalewski on her dissertation: Associations between Maternal Borderline Personality Disorder Symptoms, Parenting, and Mother-Child Cortisol Levels.

Dr. Jonny Saunders worked with Mike Wehr on his dissertation: Swarmpunk: Rough Consensus and Running Code in Brains, Machines, and Society.

Congratulations and best wishes on your next adventures!

Alvin Lengkong, the undergraduate speakerDr. Ulrich & Dr. Hodges

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Celebrating Graduates

Celebrating Graduates