Paul Slovic Honored by Franklin Institute

Dr. Paul Slovic
Expiration Date: 
Tuesday, January 25, 2022

UO Psychology Professor Paul Slovic has been recognized with an award from the Franklin Institute, as part of an award program for excellence in science and technology that goes back to 1824. Previous Franklin Institute honorees include Nicola Tesla, Marie Curie, and Jane Goodall, among others. Specifically, Prof. Slovic is the recipient of the 2022 Bower Award for Achievement in Science, which comes with a $250,000 prize. Professor Slovic is being honored for his research on how people make decisions and perceive risk – work that has become famous for challenging traditional economic models of choice that assumed people’s preferences were consistent and logical. Recently, Prof. Slovic has applied these ideas to projects aimed at increasing compassionate and charitable behaviors, such as providing aid and donations, and towards interrupting contexts that promote apathy and even genocide. Professor Slovic, a member of the National Academy of Sciences, is one of the most highly cited researchers across the entire University of Oregon, and is a beloved mentor and collaborator of scientists all over the world.