Kate Mills

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Research Interests and Publications

Please see Dr. Mills' lab website for details about projects and research interests: devbrainlab.org

Selected Publications:

Tamnes CK, Herting MM, Goddings AL, Meuwese R, Bartsch H, Blakemore S-J, Dahl RE, Güroğlu B, Raznahan A, Sowell ER, Crone EA, & Mills KL (2017). Development of the cerebral cortex across adolescence: A multisample study of interrelated longitudinal changes in cortical volume, surface area and thickness. Journal of Neuroscience, 37(12), 3402-3412.

Mills KL, Goddings AL, Herting MM, Meuwese R, Blakemore S-J, Crone EA, Dahl RE, Güroğlu B, Raznahan A, Sowell ER, & Tamnes CK (2016). Structural brain development between childhood and adulthood: Convergence across four longitudinal samples. NeuroImage, 141, 273-281.

Mills KL (2016). Possible effects of Internet use on cognitive development in adolescence. Media and Communication, 6(3).

Bell V, Mills KL, Modinos G, & Wilkinson S (2017). Social agent representation: Evidence from psychosis and normal social cognition. Clinical Psychological Science, 1-14.

Mills KL, Dumontheil I, Speekenbrink M, & Blakemore S-J (2015). Multitasking during social interactions in adolescence and early adulthood. Royal Society Open Science, 2(11), 150117.

Mills KL (2014). Effects of Internet use on the adolescent brain: despite popular claims, experimental evidence remains scarce. Trends in Cognitive Sciences, 18(8), 385-387.

Mills KL, & Tamnes CK (2014). Methods and considerations for longitudinal structural brain imaging analysis across development. Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience, 9, 172-190.

Mills KL, Goddings AL, Clasen LS, Giedd JN, & Blakemore S-J (2014). The developmental mismatch in structural brain maturation during adolescence. Developmental Neuroscience, 36(3-4), 147-60.

Blakemore S-J, & Mills KL (2014). Is adolescence a sensitive period for socio-cultural processing? Annual Review of Psychology, 65, 186-207.

Mills KL, Lalonde F, Clasen LS, Giedd JN, & Blakemore S-J (2014). Developmental changes in the structure of the social brain in late childhood and adolescence. Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience, 9(1), 123-131.

Mills KL, Bathula D, Costa Dias TG, Iyer SP, Fenesy MC, Musser ED, Stevens CA, Thurlow BL, Carpenter SD, Nagel BJ, Nigg JT, & Fair DA (2012). Altered cortico-striatal-thalamic connectivity in relation to spatial working memory capacity in children with ADHD. Frontiers in Psychiatry, 3(2).

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