Kate Mills

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Research Interests and Publications

Please see Dr. Mills' lab website for details about projects and research interests: devbrainlab.org

Dr. Mills will not be seeking new doctoral or masters students for Fall 2023.

Selected Publications:

Whitmore LB & Mills KL (2022). Co-creating developmental science. Infant and Child Development, 31(1), e2273. https://doi.org/10.1002/icd.2273

Mills KL, Siegmund KD, Tamnes CK, Ferschmann L, Wierenga LM, Bos MGN, Li C, Luna B & Herting MM (2021). Inter-individual variability in structural brain development from late childhood to young adulthood. NeuroImage, 242, 118450.

Weinstein N, Whitmore LB & Mills KL (accepted). Individual Differences in Mentalizing Tendencies. Collabra: Psychology.

See a complete list of Dr. Mills' publications at: Google Scholar