Richard Marrocco

Richard Marrocco profile picture
  • Title: Professor Emerit
  • Phone: 541-346-4547
  • Office: 217 Huestis Hall
  • Interests: Neuroscience, Cognitive


Dr. Marrocco is interested in the effects of natualistic environments on sustained attention and cognitive function. He has one active funded project under way. For information about his previous work, please visit Dr. Marrocco's faculty website or lab website.

Dr. Marrocco is no longer accepting new students.

Selected Publications:

B.G. Oberlin, J.A. Alford, and R.T. Marrocco. (2005) Normal attention orienting but abnormal stimulus alerting and conflict in combined subtype of ADHD. Behav Brain Res, 165, 1-11.

Beane M., Marrocco R.T. (2004) Cholinergic and noradrenergic inputs to the posterior parietal cortex modulate the components of exogenous attention. In Posner M.I. (Ed) Attention. Guilford Press.

Beaudoin, J. and Marrocco, R.T. (2004) Attentional validity effect across the human menstrual cycle varies with basal temperature changes. Behav. Brain Res,158, 23-29.

Beane, M., and Marrocco, R.T. (2004) Norepinephrine and acetylcholine mediation of the components of reflexive attention: implications for attention deficit disorders. Progress in Neurobiology,74, 167-181.

Shirtcliff, E., & Marrocco, R.T. (2003). Salivary cotinine levels in human tobacco smokers predict the attentional validity effect size during smoking abstinence. Psychopharmacology, 166:11-18.

Cutrell, E.C., and Marrocco, R.T. (2002). Microstimulation of posterior parietal cortex elicits orienting and alerting components of covert attention. Exp. Brain Res., 144:103-113.