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Mike Wehr

Mike Wehr profile picture
  • Title: Professor
  • Phone: 541-346-5866
  • Office: 213 LISB
  • Interests: Systems Neuroscience
  • Website: Website

Research Interests and Publications

Dr. Wehr studies how local circuits in the cerebral cortex encode and transform sensory information. His laboratory uses mouse auditory cortex as a model system to investigate how cellular and network properties shape cortical responses to a continuous and temporally complex stream of sensory data. Research in his lab combines aspects of both cellular, systems, and theoretical neuroscience, by using the tools of molecular biology and cellular physiology to address systems-level questions. By using a variety of methods including optogenetics, in vivo whole-cell and single-unit electrophysiology, quantitative behavior, and imaging, the laboratory is trying to identify the cellular and synaptic mechanisms with which cortical circuits process auditory information, leading ultimately to our perceptual experiences of acoustic streams, such as music and speech.

To learn more about current research, and to download publications, please visit

Dr. Wehr is accepting new graduate students for Fall 2020.

Selected Publications:

Moore, A., Weible, A., Balmer, T., Trussel, L., and Wehr, M. (2018). Rapid rebalancing of excitation and inhibition by cortical circuitry. Neuron, Mar 21;97(6):1341-1355.

Keller, C., Kaylegian, K., and Wehr, M. (2018). Gap encoding by parvalbumin-expressing interneurons in auditory cortex. J Neurophysiol. Mar 28.

Yavorska, I., Wehr, M. (2016). Somatostatin-Expressing Inhibitory Interneurons in Cortical Circuits. Frontiers in Neural Circuits. Sept 29;10:76.

Hoy, J.L., Yavorska, I., Wehr, M., Niell, C.M. (2016). Vision Drives Accurate Approach Behavior during Prey Capture in Laboratory Mice. Curr Biology Nov21;26(22):3046-3052.

Gao, X., and Wehr, M. (2015). A coding transformation for temporally structured sounds within auditory cortical neurons. Neuron, Mar 25.

Weible, AP., Liu, C., Niell, CM., Wehr, M. (2014). Auditory cortex is required for fear potentiation of gap detection. J Neurosci. Nov 12;34(46):15437-45.

Weible, A., Moore, A., Liu, C., deBlander, L., Wu, H., Kentros, C., and Wehr, M. (2014). Perceptual Gap Detection is Mediated by Gap Termination Responses in Auditory Cortex. Current Biology 24(13):1447-55.

Kyweriga, M., Stewart, W., Cahill, C., and Wehr, M. (2014). Synaptic mechanisms underlying interaural level difference selectivity in rat auditory cortex. J Neurophysiol. 15;112(10):2561-71.

Kyweriga, M., Stewart, W., and Wehr, M. (2014). Neuronal interaural level difference response shifts are level-dependent in the rat auditory cortex. J. Neurophysiol. 111(5):930-8.