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Research Requirement

How it Works

Educational Experience: Research participation should be a valuable educational experience for you. As a research participant, you can usually expect to be given a complete explanation (the “debriefing”) at the end of each study (either immediately, or by email). The purpose of the debriefing is to provide you with information to help you understand more completely the purpose of the study and its potential impact.

Obtaining Research Credits: Research credits are gained by participation in research projects. Each 15 minutes or less of participation = 1/4 research credit. One half research credit is awarded for 16-30 minutes of participation, 1 research credit for 46-60 minutes and so on.

Research Credits Required: Psychology 201 and 202, and Linguistics 301 and 396 require 4.5 research credits of participation. For other classes check your syllabus. If you are in more than one class, you must do research credits for each class. E.g., students in PSY 201 and 202 must do 9 research credits of participation.  PAID STUDIES DO NOT count toward this requirement.

No-Shows and Late Cancellations: In the event that you do not show up for a study, or you arrive too late for the researcher to run the study MORE THAN ONCE, you will no longer be able to use the participation option to complete your research requirement.  This means that if on more than one occasion you do not show up to a scheduled appointment, you will need to contact your GTF to get information to participate in the alternative assignment.

Right to Decline Research Participation Option: If you do not wish to fulfill your requirement through participation in studies, the course instructor will provide you with alternative assignments. The alternate assignment for all psychology and some linguistics classes is attending GTF run sessions where you will read empirical papers and write about the research.  Linguistics students may attend linguistics colloquia as an alternative. Talk to your instructor by the third week of the term if you would like to pursue the alternate assignment option. See your syllabus for additional information as well.

Failing to Obtain Enough Research Credits: When you agree to be a research participant you must complete enough studies to accumulate the required number of research credits for your course. If a student does not complete the required number of research credits by the end of the quarter, it is the Psychology Department’s policy to give the student an “Incomplete” instead of the grade earned. The “Incomplete” will remain on the record for one year. If the required number of research credits are completed in less than one year, the “Incomplete” will be changed to the earned letter grade. If the required research credits are not completed by the end of the year, the incomplete will be changed to an “F”. In order to make up these research credits, within a year, (1) reactivate your old account in Sona; (2) you will be asked to select a class, so choose “make up credits to remove incomplete.” (3) Go ahead and make up the credits; (4) when you are done, email your instructor and inform him/her that you have completed your course requirements for XXX class, from XXX term. The instructor will then verify that you have completed your credits with the Human Subjects Coordinator, and your grade will be changed.

Last Day to Obtain Research Credits: The last day to obtain research participation research credits is determined on a class by class basis. See your syllabus for this information. Try not to procrastinate! If you put off obtaining your research credits, there will be far fewer opportunities later in the quarter, and in fact, if you wait too long you may not be able to earn any research credit at all.