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April 4, 2018

CIC to Host Free Screening of Black Panther for Department Members

The Committee for an Inclusive Community will be hosting a free screening of the recent smash hit Black Panther for psychology department members in honor of of Black History and Women’s Heritage Month. This screening is a gracious reward provided by the CIC for our department reaching the highest ever response rate for the annual Climate Survey (the results of which are published in the annual CIC newsletter). This year, 90% of our department completed the survey!

Thank you to everyone who completed the survey, and to the CIC for hosting this event.



Movie date – Movie Date:  Sunday, April 8th, 11am (seating opens at 10:30am)

RSVP – RSVP required. See the CIC department-wide email for instructions on how to RSVP.

Location – See the CIC department-wide email for location.

About Black Panther – Black Panther is not just a superhero movie but is a movie that explores issues of identity. Its themes challenge institutional bias and oppressors.  The movie provides powerful narratives of experiences people of color and women have faced though history. It represents the importance of representation in our culture. The movie has made great strides in the entertainment industry in many ways – it is one of the first megabudget movies to have an African American director and predominantly black cast.  This article in Time describes more of the ways this movie represents an important milestone and the power and narratives behind it.

March 16, 2018

CIC Inclusivity and Diversity Professional Development Awards

The Committee for an Inclusive Community is excited to offer funding awards for all members of our community– graduate students, postdocs, staff, faculty, and others–pursuing academic or professional development activities, and/or training or enrichment opportunities related to enhancing inclusivity and diversity. Approximately $10,000 will be awarded to successful applicants over the 2017-2018 academic year.

Examples of activities that might be good candidates for funding are attending conferences related to the topics of equity and inclusion, training in research methodologies designed to increase diversity of research samples, or earning certifications in topics of inclusion and diversity.

The department encourages all who are interested to apply. For full application details, please see the attached document: CIC Inclusivity and Diversity Professional Development Awards.


January 6, 2017

The Psychology Department Aspires to Be a Safe Space

Psych CIC SafeHeart


On behalf of the entire department, the Psychology Committee for an Inclusive Community (CIC) is proud to present this door sign as a reminder that the Department of Psychology aspires to be a safe space that is an inclusive and welcoming environment for all.

The door sign can be viewed in full and downloaded through the embedded link below.




June 4, 2016

Committee for an Inclusive Community (CIC) Spring 2016 Newsletter

Here is the latest edition of the Committee for an Inclusive Community’s (CIC) newsletter. Included is a detailed report about the survey completed by Psychology Department members (faculty, graduate students, and staff), as well as details on available grievance procedures, a letter from our chair, a reflection on membership in the CIC, and a detailed discussion of microaggressions. We hope you find this interesting and informative.

CIC Spring 2016 Newsletter

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