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Faculty in the Press: Brain maturity, inaccurate memories, and more

January 23, 2023 — Our esteemed faculty often share their expertise with the broader public through news stories! Here’s a roundup of the most recent articles featuring our faculty members:

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Research Collaboration Between Psychology, Biology, and the Institute of Neuroscience

January 8, 2023 — Dr. Michael Posner collaborated with members of the Biology Department and the Institute of Neuroscience (ION) on a recently published paper about attention and memory.

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Dr. Jennifer Freyd

Retirement Party for Dr. Jennifer Freyd

November 23, 2022 — After 35 years at the University of Oregon, Dr. Jennifer Freyd has retired. Colleagues, friends, collaborators, and all those interested in Freyd's work will gather on December 2nd to celebrate Freyd and what she has brought to the department, the university, and the field of Psychology. To join the celebration, come to the University of Oregon Crater Lake Rooms of the Erb Memorial Union from 3-5 p.m.The celebration features two invited speakers, both professors who are former doctoral advisees of Dr. Freyd’s:

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Research Roundup: 7 Quick Facts from our Faculty

December 4, 2022 — A few weeks ago, our faculty shared snippets of their current research at the faculty blitz. Here are a few of the highlights:Rob Chavez: “How we think about the similarities of other people in our social group depends on the differences among people as well as the difference between them and ourselves. Each of these processes are represented in different parts of the brain.”

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UO Psych faculty members named directors of Social & Affective Neuroscience Society

November 20, 2022 — Congratulations to Elliot Berkman and Rob Chavez, recently named Directors at Large of the Social and Affective Neuroscience Society! With these appointments, UO currently constitutes 33% of all the directors.

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Faculty in the press: Lifestyle fatigue, inner monologues, and more!

November 2, 2022 — Our esteemed faculty often share their expertise with the broader public through news stories! Here’s a roundup of the most recent articles featuring our faculty members:

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Dr. Elizabeth (Birdie) Shirtcliff

Dr. Elizabeth (Birdie) Shirtcliff explains the impact of stress on puberty

September 27, 2022 — Dr. Elizabeth (Birdie) Shirtcliff, who joined our department last February, used her expertise in stress and sex hormones to weigh in on a conversation in Discover Magazine examining the causes of early puberty. Dr. Shirtcliff researches hormones by analyzing noninvasive biospecimens like saliva and hair in the Center for Translational Neuroscience and UO Biomarker Cluster.

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Dr. Chanel Meyers

Meet Dr. Chanel Meyers, New Assistant Professor in Diversity Science!

September 6, 2022 — The department’s Diversity Science Search found a true gem in Dr. Chanel Meyers, whose research focuses on the role diversity plays in intergroup processes.  Born and raised in Hawaii, Dr. Meyers experienced culture-shock when she moved to the “mainland” U.S. to earn her B.S. in psychology. This experience of culture shock, as well as her experiences as a multiracial individual, led her to question how racial diversity impacts the way we deal with race and identity.

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Sarah DuBrow Memorial Symposium and Memorial Service

August 24, 2022 — This past July, Dr. Sarah DuBrow’s friends, family, and colleagues flew into Eugene from all over the country and gathered on the UO campus to honor her life, both academic and personal. Dr. DuBrow died in February of an aggressive form of cancer, leaving a big hole in our department and our hearts.

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Door to Psychology Clinic

Research-based Training at the Psychology Clinic

August 23, 2022 — On the south side of Straub is a small door leading to U.O.’s Psychology Clinic, where clinical students receive high quality training and clients get gold standard, evidence-based treatment. Clinical training begins in students’ second year with a core practicum in which they learn how to provide cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), a common type of talk therapy that helps clients identify and correct inaccurate or negative thinking.

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