Lindsay Rait and Erika Moe

Faculty Research Mentor Award for Sarah DuBrow

July 13, 2022 — Before her death shocked our department earlier this year, Dr. Sarah DuBrow was providing exceptional mentoring to her students. At the Undergraduate Research Symposium in May 2022, Sarah’s husband, faculty member Dr. Ben Hutchinson, accepted a faculty mentoring award on her behalf from the Center for Undergraduate Research and Engagement (CURE). 

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Crystal Dehle and Melynda Casement

Clinical Area Party

July 8, 2022 — Last month in the courtyard of the Jordan Schnitzer Museum, the clinical program – students, faculty, and community partners alike – gathered in a spirit of celebration and appreciation. After years of COVID-related social-distancing, everyone appreciated the chance to chat and mingle without a computer screen between them.

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Photo of people connected through technology

Bradley Hughes funded to study SES!

July 6, 2022 — Bradley Hughes, a doctoral student in Sanjay Srivastava’s lab, was recently awarded the Wayne Morris Award & the UO dissertation research fellowship. He’s using this to fund his dissertation research on how people perceive socioeconomic status (SES) interpersonally.

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Graduates during the Ceremony

Congratulations Graduates!

July 4, 2022 —  Graduates flooded the rainy campus yesterday with their green robes and triumphant faces. Graduation is a thrilling time for all and, especially so for our department, as we have so many psychology graduates to celebrate!

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Dr. Jennifer Pfeifer on the left and a collage of Team Duckling on the right

Dr. Jennifer Pfeifer and Team Duckling receive Outstanding Research Awards!

June 8, 2022 — Psychology sparkles with the announcement of Outstanding Research Awards from the UO's Office of the Vice President for Research and Innovation!! Congrats to Jennifer Pfeifer, recipient of the Advancing Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in Research Award. Dr. Pfeifer recieved this award for her leadership and advocacy in creating a more diverse and inclusive environment. And another huge congratulations to Team Duckling and Caitlin Fausey, recipients of the Impact Award, which recognizes outstanding broader public engagement activity!

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Dr. Ahmar Zaman holding a baby

Dr. Ahmar Zaman joining this winter as new clinical instructor!

June 8, 2022 — If you take the undergrad Psychopathology course next year, you’ll be among to meet our new faculty member: Dr. Ahmar Zaman. If you find his class hard, no worries! One of his favorite parts about teaching is helping students experience that lightbulb moment where the concept really clicks. Dr. Zaman is passionate about helping his students grow and pursue their dreams: “I love hearing stories from students about how my classes or mentorship has inspired them to pursue a specific project or career trajectory that they had not considered prior.”

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Daniel Levitin on a stage

Alum News: Using music for mental health

June 6, 2022 — In a UO alumni article, Daniel Levitin, who got his PhD in our department in 1996, talked about his experience mixing his music career with cognitive psychology. “Somebody may no longer remember the names of their spouse or family members, and yet, still be able to remember lyrics to songs they knew when they were fourteen,” Dr. Levitin said. “Music insinuates itself into memory in a special way.

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Dr. Slovic on the left, Dr. Tucker in the middle, and Dr. Allen on the right

Faculty in the Press!

June 6, 2022 — Several of our illustrious faculty have been featured in the news recently! In a New York Times article titled "The ‘psychic numbing’ of mass tragedies," Dr. Paul Slovic describes why psychic numbing happens and how to overcome it.

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Dr. Michael Posner on the left and the cover of his book on the right

Dr. Michael Posner wrote a memoir!

May 30, 2022 — Read about how professor emerit, Dr. Mike Posner, helped found the fields of cognitive science and neuroscience in his recent memoir Developing a Brain: A Life in Psychology. Dr. Posner is the founder & coordinator of the Brain, Biology and Machine Initiative here at UO and one of the 100 most eminent psychologists of the 20th century, according to an article by the American Psychological Association.

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Alexis Adams-Clark

Alexis Adams-Clark funded to study sexual violence and institutional betrayal

May 26, 2022 — Recognizing her important work in the area of women and gender, both the center for the study of women in society and the society for the psychology of women have awarded Alexis Adams-Clark a graduate student research grant. Alexis, a 5th year clinical student, is using the two grants to fund her longitudinal, mixed-methods study on sexual violence.

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