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Requirements for the Major

Fall term 2016, the psychology major and minor requirements changed.  See below to compare those changes.  Advisor contact information is available here.

Major Requirements:

New major compared with old major

Courses Pre-2016 Fall 2016 onwards
PSY 201 & PSY 202 Required, graded C- or better Required, graded, C or better1

WR 121 &

WR 122 or WR 123 (123 recommended)

Required Required
Math 111 Acceptable no
Math 243 or Math 246 or higher Acceptable Required2
PSY 301 no Required3
PSY 302 Required Required
PSY 303 Required Required3
12 credits of PSY304 – PSY309 no Required4
12 credits of  Bio/Chem/Phys/Gen Bio-Gen Chem Required no
Two 400-level courses from “S list” Required no
Two 400-level courses from “C list” Required no
Three 400-level courses (any 3) no Required5
Elective: 12 additional credits of 300-400 level (up to 4 credits from 401-409) Required Required6

56 total psychology credits

48 upper-division credits, as specified

no Required
  1. If you have a C- grade in PSY 201 or PSY 202 from before fall 2016, you do not need to retake it.
  2. If you have already taken PSY 302, you do not need to take the new math pre-req.
  3. If you have already taken PSY 303, you do not need to take PSY 301.
  4. Include at least one from PSY 304-305.
  5. Choose any 3 for breadth or emphasis in area of specialization.
  6. All 300/400 level coursework in addition to core requirements; at least 8 credits from content courses with maximum 4 credits from PSY 401 and/or 409.