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Fall 2016 Onward Major

Students admitted to the major prior to fall 2016 have the option of completing the old requirements or switching to the new major.

Please meet with an advisor to discuss your options and get an individualized academic plan. Advisor contact information is available here.

To plan your Psychology major, refer to the fall 2016 onward major checklist. Below are some sample plans and a worksheet to help guide you in the planning process:

Major Requirements

56  total psychology credit hours

48 upper division psychology credit hours (includes 16 at UO)

All courses, except electives, must be taken graded. Electives may be taken P/N and students must receive a P

PSY 410 courses (except for Evolutionary Psychology) count toward elective credits only

Minimum GPA of 2.0 in psychology coursework required


Lower Division Core (each class equals 4 credits, taken graded)

PSY 201 and PSY 202 (must receive a C or higher)

WR 121 and WR 122 OR WR 123 (WR 122 or 123 is a prerequisite for PSY 303)

Math 243 or Math 246 or higher as a prerequisite for PSY 302


Upper Division Methods/Foundations (each class equals 4 credits, taken graded; must receive a C- or higher).

PSY 301 (prerequisite for PSY 302)

PSY 302 (prerequisite for PSY 303 OR substitute Math 343, 425, 461, 462)

PSY 303 (prerequisite for 400-level courses; PSY 201, 202, 301, & 302 must be completed before 303)


Upper Division Core (each class equals 4 credits, taken graded; must receive a C- or higher).

Choose 3 courses from PSY304-309, must include PSY304 or 305 (PSY201 or PSY202 pre-requisites for this level; see course schedule for specifics)


Upper Division Specialty Courses (each class equals 4 credits; 16 credit hours required taken graded; must receive a C- or higher)

At least 3 courses from:

PSY 410  Evol. Psy PSY 440 PSY 458 PSY 475
PSY 420 PSY 445 PSY 459 PSY 476
PSY 433 PSY 449 PSY 468 PSY 478
PSY 436 PSY 450 PSY 472 PSY 479
PSY 438 PSY 457 PSY 473 PSY 480



Minimum 12 credits, 8 credits must be from 300-400 level content courses in psychology (or LING 396, or HPHY 333).

Elective courses must be taken graded (must receive a C- or higher) or P/N and must be passed.

**Note: Only 4 credits of PSY 401 and/or 409 will count toward the major elective requirements.

LING 396 — students will not be given psychology major credit for LING 396 if they also take PSY 440.

Only PSY 410 Evolutionary Psychology counts toward core course requirements. All other PSY 410 courses count as elective credits only.