Grading Standards

A+A rare level of achievement above and beyond the excellent performance that merits an A grade. In many courses no student performs at this unusual level, and some instructors in psychology do not use this grade.
AAn exceptional level of achievement. The student demonstrates an excellent grasp of the material and very strong performance across the board, or exceptional performance on most aspects of the course and good performance in others.
BA good level of achievement. The student demonstrates consistently good grasp of material and good performance, or very strong performance on some aspects of the course and satisfactory performance on others.
CAn adequate level of achievement. The student demonstrates a satisfactory grasp of course material and adequate performance, or good performance on many aspects of the course paired with some notable deficiencies.
DA minimal level of achievement. The student demonstrates the bare minimum level of understanding and/or performance to pass the course and does not fully meet the course requirements.

Achievement below the minimum needed to pass the course. Evidence of student understanding of course material and/or performance is insufficient to merit credit for the course.

Instructors in the Department of Psychology put considerable effort into their grading criteria. If you believe there has been an error in how your grade was calculated please contact your instructor. Correcting an error or changing an I grade (see below) are legitimate reasons for a grade change. Student lobbying is not.


Incomplete — May be used when the quality of work is satisfactory, but some minor yet essential requirement has not been completed, for reasons acceptable to the instructor. Faculty and students should discuss and agree on the requirements and specific deadlines for making up the incomplete.

If an instructor suspects academic misconduct, such as cheating, plagiarism, or unauthorized collaboration on assignments and/or tests the student will be contacted and if this does not clear up all suspicion the incident will also be reported to the Office of Student Conduct and Community Standards as required by State of Oregon administrative rules. Sanctions for confirmed academic misconduct may include an F in the course.