Practicum / Internship

The Department of Psychology offers a wide range of opportunities for students to gain hands-on experience and earn practicum credit in psychology.By participating in a practicum placement, you will have the opportunity to gain practical knowledge and real-life experience by working in a specific area of psychology. Becoming involved in practicum gives you the chance to apply information that you have learned in the classroom to real world situations, and it is also a great way to explore personal and/or career interests. Students are encouraged to sign up and get hands-on experience!

If you’re interested in earning practicum credit, please completed the following steps. More detailed information can be found on the Psychology Canvas website.

  1. Choose a practicum / internship site you are interested in. Students generally select organizations from our list of approved practicum sites (located on the Psychology Canvas website). If you find an outside practicum site that you are interested in working for and would like to have the site added to our approved list, contact the Psychology Practicum account for a site evaluation.
  2. Apply for and obtain a position. Each site has its own application and hiring process, so please be aware of how long this process may take for the site you are interested in (application details are included in each of the links on the approved practicum page). In addition, sites may not be looking for new students every term, so reach out to the site(s) you are interested in to see if they are currently accepting students before applying. (We cannot guarantee every student will find a position).
  3. Print and sign practicum / internship contract with practicum / internship supervisor. Once you have found a position, download and print out a Practicum / Internship Contract (located on the Psychology Canvas website). Complete this contract with your supervisor at your practicum / internship site. The contract includes defining your responsibilities and specifying the number of hours you will work over the term (must be a minimum of 30 hours; 30 hours = 1 credit).
  4. Bring signed contract to the Practicum / Internship Supervisor in order to obtain permission to register for PSY 406**.

**NOTE: In order to register for PSY 406, you must complete the four steps listed above by Friday at noon of Week 1 each term.

Practicum credit hours (PSY 406, 1-9 hours, P/N only) are repeatable up to 21 credits. However, only 4 of these credits will apply toward your elective upper-division credits in psychology, and the credits you earn must come from an accredited practicum.