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What Can You do With a Psychology Degree?

A short answer is that you can do just about anything with a degree in psychology. Coursework through the College of Arts and Sciences allows you to obtain a wide range of skills and abilities, including critical thinking, verbal, writing, analytical, and research skills. The psychology degree also affords a scientific understanding of human behavior and its related scientific methodologies. This diverse skill set thus prepares you for a multitude of career paths. Undergraduate degrees in psychology can be applied to entry-level positions that utilize analytical, writing, and verbal skills in various fields such as business, education, health, and human resources. Graduate work in psychology is required for many careers in fields such as clinical, counseling, education, forensic, health, industrial/organizational, research, school, and sports psychology.

In addition to advising within the Psychology Department, there are many campus resources to help guide your career search. The UO Career Center office offers a variety of opportunities including career exploration and counseling, resume writing, interview techniques, internship and job placement, graduate school, and more.

Online Resources Include

This career service management tool allows you to search for jobs, internships, fellowships, apply for on-campus interviews, and more.