Psychology Commencement

Psychology Commencement Ceremony (Spring 2022)

Spring 2022 Commencement Registration Is Closed!

Psychology Commencement is happening TOMORROW (6/12/22) at Matthew Knight Arena. Students are requested to be at the of the Arena West Entrance by 12:00!

At the entrance, you will receive a card with your name on it. This is what we will use in the ceremony to show your name and degree up on the main screens. You will need to hold onto it! If you lose it, we will only be able to provide a generic message for you when you walk. At check in, we can make changes if needed and will have a volunteer available to verify and update information on your card if there is an issue. You can also fill in the information on the back of your card if you did not already supply it in your RSVP.

Once you have received your card, you will be directed to the staircase to head down into the basement. This is where you will line up for the procession. Graduate students (Doctoral and then Masters) will line up in front. Bachelors students will line up in two lines down the halls behind the stage. We will have volunteers and faculty on site to assist you in lining up. It will be roughly 1pm when we start the procession, so be sure you are hydrated and ready!

The procession will head towards the entrance at the back of the arena and volunteers will guide you to your seats. The front row of seats will be Doctoral students and Masters students. Bachelors students will fill in to following rows behind. Please be seated promptly, as we will need to get underway.

After the initial speeches, Doctoral students will walk up to the table near the stage to scan the QR Code on their card. This will put your information up on the jumbotron screens. Then you will walk along the ramp in front of the stage to the middle where you will be met by your hooding advisors. The photographer will be directly in front of you. Please remain in the middle of the ramp until your hooding is completed! You will then exit in the same direction as your advisor and be lead back to your seat. Masters students will follow the same procedure.

Bachelors students will be called up by row. Each row, in turn, will be directed by volunteers to line up on the far side of the arena. Have your cards out and ready to be scanned! Each student will walk up to the table next to the stage, scan their card, and then walk to the middle of the ramp in front of the stage. There you will be handed your diploma cover. Once you have received it, walk to the end of the ramp and a volunteer will direct you back to your seat.

Once the last student has walked, we will have closing words and the ceremony will be over. Students will be guided by volunteers to recess out through the loading dock to the East Entrance to meet up with family. Since we have another ceremony coming up after ours, we can’t have family come down to the arena floor. Please meet your family outside by the East Entrance.

We’re proud of all you’ve done and we’re excited to see you tomorrow! Please help us make sure this graduation goes smoothly!

Additional Information About the Event:

  • Undergraduate Students will be handed their name card at the entrance. Students will be seated and presented in first-come first-serve order. Once the usher has called your row up to the stage, be sure to hand them your card while you get into line.
  • Graduation Regalia is available through the Duck Store. You can visit their website here: for more information about availability and ordering. Please order early to be sure you have your regalia by Commencement. Shipping times may still be affected
  • If you are not planning to attend, but do still want a program and/or a diploma cover, please email Jeff Davis ( with your name, mailing address and the number of programs you would like.
  • If you or any of your family members need accommodations for the ceremony, please include that in your Commencement Form submission. If you were unable to include accommodations with the form, you can contact Jeff Davis ( or call 541-346-4952) to request accommodations. Requests will need to be submitted by May 27th. Requests after that date may not be able to be accommodated.
  • If you have any additional questions about the ceremony, feel free to contact Jeff Davis ( We will be compiling a list of Frequently Asked Questions to add to this page in order to keep students and guests informed about the ceremony!

Spring 2022 Commencement Schedule:

  1. There are three commencement ceremonies occurring on Sunday, June 12th at Matthew Knight Arena, so please be aware that the ceremony before ours (General Science) will not end until 12:00pm.  Please plan accordingly for congested parking and a campus filled with guests and graduates! Catering will not be provided on site and concessions will be closed during the ceremony! You are welcome to bring water bottles and snacks but PLEASE REMEMBER to remove or dispose of any items when you leave! We have another commencement happening after ours at 4pm.
  1. Graduates should arrive early, preferably around 12:00 pm and no later than 12:15pm. Student check in is at the West Entrance which is facing towards Hamilton Hall and Columbia Street. Guests will enter at the North Entrance.
  1. When students arrive, they will need to head to the designated table (Graduate Students will be together, Undergraduates will be divided up alphabetically) to receive their grad cards. HOLD ONTO YOUR CARD! These cards are used to identify you and will help to make sure the ceremony runs smoothly.  If you would like to complete the information for Grad Images on the back of the card, please do so. We have sent them this information, but please feel free to complete it (as a double check on correct address, etc.) Pens may be available, but we STRONGLY recommend bringing one if your own if possible as we may not have enough once more graduates show up.
  1. Volunteers will be directing you to the basement of the arena to line up and tell you where to go.  Students will then line up (Graduate Students to one side with Doctoral Students behind Faculty and Masters students behind them) and wait for the initial procession.
  1. Once “Pomp and Circumstance” has begun playing at 1:00pm, the Faculty will enter the arena. They will be followed by Doctoral Students, then Masters Students and then the Undergraduates.
  1. Volunteers will help to seat graduates in the seats on the main floor facing the stage. You will need to stay with your class (Doctoral, Masters or Undergrad).
  1. After the initial speeches, the Graduate Hoodings will commence. First, Doctoral students and then Master’s students. Volunteers (marshals) will pull students by row and line them up. First in line will walk to the Marching Orders table. Once your card has been scanned (this is why the card is vital), you will be handed your card back and walk up to the stage and present your card to the reader at the podium (the reader will keep your card which is turned into Grad Images). Students will then walk to the Hooding faculty and once the Hooding is completed, move off of the stage and return to their seat. Grad Images will be taking pictures as you come off the stage.  This will repeat until each row has walked. Following rows will be pulled and follow the same order.  Please do not leave the arena once you have been hooded!
  1. Once the Hoodings are complete, undergraduates will be called. Each row will be pulled and lined up in turn. The first student will have their card scanned, walk up to the reader on the stage and hand over their card. As their name is read, they will walk across the stage and receive a diploma cover. Once you have your cover, continue down the stage and return to your seat (Grad Images will take your picture). Each student in the row will follow in sequence. Once the row is complete, volunteers will pull the next row to walk the stage.
  1. Once all the members of the undergraduate class have had the chance to walk, there will be closing remarks and the ceremony will end with "Sweet Caroline"!
  1. Guests and students will be exiting out of the North Entrance. Please take all items with you as you leave. If you do not need a diploma cover or program, please hand them to a PSY Volunteer (they will be wearing yellow PSY t-shirts).  There is another graduation following ours at 4:00pm, so please exit the arena as quickly as possible to allow their guests room to enter.