Why Us?

Founded in 1876, the Department of Psychology at the University of Oregon is among the oldest in the West. In that nearly century and a half, psychology faculty have been dedicated to rigorous empirical research, excellence in teaching, and evidence-based practice.

Our department is well-known for its innovation and leadership in the field.

Straub Hall

The first course ever offered in personality psychology was taught in our department, and formative research in the fields of cognitive neuroscience and developmental psychopathology was conducted here. We continue this tradition of excellence today through cutting-edge work that uses machine learning, wearable data collection devices, and a suite of neuroimaging tools — to name just a few of our techniques.

We are also committed to advancing the culture of our scientific community. In 2012, we established the Committee for an Inclusive Community (CIC) to address issues of diversity and inclusivity. Our department's graduate students, faculty, and staff work together within the CIC to foster a welcoming environment for all. Separately, many in our department practice "open science," making their research materials publicly available on resources such as GitHub and the Open Science Framework.

Together, our initiatives contribute to removing barriers to our work and psychological science more broadly.

Our efforts to foster excellence in research and in training are reflected in the successes of our faculty and students. Three of our faculty are members of the National Academy of Sciences, and included among the many awards they have earned are the Benjamin Franklin Medal in Computer and Cognitive Science and a Grammy. Many of our graduate students have earned highly-competititve fellowships from the National Science Foundation and the National Institutes of Health. And every year our department celebrates over 300 undergraduates completing their Bachelor degrees, many of whom find success in professional careers or pursuing graduate degrees.

At the University of Oregon we are constantly working to push the boundaries of psychological science in the classroom, in the lab, and in the clinic. We pair the wisdom of decades of foundational work with an excitement for shaping the future of our field.

If you share this passion for excellence, we hope that you'll consider joining us.