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Faculty GO! Proposals

Faculty Growth Opportunity (GO!) Proposals

  Psychology faculty are always launching new projects, but until now have not had a way to communicate them outside the department. This year we introduced the Faculty Growth Opportunity (GO!) Proposals as a way of telling alumni, donors, and other stakeholders about the exciting frontiers of ...
Altruistic brains

Psych Researchers: General Benevolence Increases with Age

  New evidence from UO Psychology researchers identifies a “general benevolence” factor that increases as people age. The research was led by grad student Jason Hubbard. Other authors include psych faculty members Ulrich Mayr and Sanjay Srivastava. The research made front page ...
Beverly Fagot

Award Spotlight: Beverly Fagot Memorial Fellowship

The Beverly Fagot Dissertation Fellowship Fund awards support to a doctoral student that has advanced to candidacy and has a focus on research in the area of social development and/or developmental psychopathology. The recent winners are: Naomi Aguiar and Kathryn Jankowski (2015) ...