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Beverly Fagot

Award Spotlight: Beverly Fagot Memorial Fellowship

The Beverly Fagot Dissertation Fellowship Fund awards support to a doctoral student that has advanced to candidacy and has a focus on research in the area of social development and/or developmental psychopathology. The recent winners are: Naomi Aguiar and Kathryn Jankowski (2015) ...
By IYAR Rahwan/M.I.T. on Publish Date June 23, 2016

Prof Azim Shariff’s work on driverless cars in Science and the NYT

Dilemma of Driverless Cars. By IYAR Rahwan/M.I.T. on Publish Date June 23, 2016 Azim Shariff’s latest Science paper, “The social dilemma of autonomous vehicles,” discusses the moral dilemmas presented by driverless cars. See the writeup in the New York Times here: People say ...
CIC Spring 2016 Newsletter

Committee for an Inclusive Community (CIC) Spring 2016 Newsletter

Here is the latest edition of the Committee for an Inclusive Community’s (CIC) newsletter. Included is a detailed report about the survey completed by Psychology Department members (faculty, graduate students, and staff), as well as details on available grievance procedures, a letter from our ...