• Dr. Paul Slovic

    Paul Slovic Honored by Franklin Institute

    UO Psychology Professor Paul Slovic has been recognized with an award from the Franklin Institute, as part of an award program for excellence in science and technology that goes back to 1824. Previous Franklin Institute honorees include Nicola Tesla, Marie Curie, and Jane Goodall, among others.

  • Alexis_Adams-Clark

    Alexis Adams-Clark Awarded David Caul Award

    Doctoral student, Alexis Adams-Clark has been awarded the David Caul award from the International Society for the Study of Trauma and Dissociation for her research entitled "Univ

  • Heather_Anderson

    Big Year for Heather Anderson!

    2021 was a big year for doctoral student Heather Anderson! Anderson received the University of Oregon's Women in Graduate Science's Parenting Award and the Psychology Department's Graduate Student Teaching Award.

  • CoronaCorps

    Jeff Measelle and Colleagues Transition Corona Corps into the Oregon Public Health Corps

    Professor Jeff Measelle and his University Health Services colleague Angela Long have been awarded a $1.1M grant from the Oregon Health Authority to transition the Corona Corps into the Oregon Public Health Corps. The Corona Corps was launched by Measelle and Long in July of 2020.