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Grad student Rosenthal on confronting rape myths in HuffPo

Boy raising hand during exam


Marina Rosenthal, a grad student, wrote a great piece in the Huffington Post on┬áconfronting rape myths in the classroom with empathy: “I look back at my student and ponder another, perhaps even more compelling explanation for his perspective. What would it mean for him to accept the statistically viable possibility that his close friend really did sexually assault another student?”

Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences W. Andrew Marcus writes: “I just read your powerful narrative in the Huffington Post – and want to thank you for the work you are doing at UO. I was moved by your description and am deeply appreciative of how you are reaching our students to change their understanding and their lives. It is a journey, and one that as teachers, we can never know the end point of. Thank you for keeping at it.”