Student Award Winners

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We are pleased to announce the winners of the 2020 Departmental Graduate Awards:

To honor the life and work of Norman Sundberg, the Norman D. Sundberg Fellowship in Psychology is given to outstanding Psychology doctoral students whose research focus is on cultural, community, clinical or personality assessment issues. The GEC is pleased to announce that this year’s winners are Cameron Kay, Monika Lind and Vinita Vader!
To honor the life and work of Beverly Fagot, the Beverly Fagot Dissertation Fellowship is given to an outstanding Psychology doctoral student who has advanced to candidacy and has a research focus in the area of social development and/or developmental psychopathology. The GEC is pleased to announce that this year’s winner is Jackie O'Brien!
Thanks to a generous gift from George Gregores, in honor of his son who graduated with dual degrees in Psychology and Political Science in 2010, we are able to offer the Gregores Graduate Student Research Award. The GEC is pleased to announce that this year’s winners are Alexis Adams-Clark, Raleigh Goodwin, and Brendan Cullen!

Every year, the department’s Distinguished Teaching Award is given to a Psychology graduate student (or students) who have demonstrated excellence in undergraduate classroom teaching. This year, the GEC is pleased to announce that the winner is Jeff Peterson!

We are also delighted to celebrate the undergraduate award winner

Rennie Kendrick won the Aaron Novick Thesis Award for her honors thesis completed in Dasa Zeithamova's lab. Kendrick is also honored as one of the Oregon Six students, who are voted by their peers in Phi Beta Kappa as the most outstanding of those elected to membership that year. Congratulations to our graduate and undergraduate students on winning these awards!