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Coursework & Requirements

Degree Requirements

  • 45 credit hours in courses approved for graduate credit
  • 24 of these 45 credits must be UO graded graduate credits (B- or higher)
  • 30 of these 45 credits must be Psychology graduate credits
  • 9 of these 45 credits must be in 600-level courses
  • 2 approved graduate-level statistics courses (grade of B- or higher)
  • Psy 607 Sem Research Ethics
  • Completion of an approved research paper or thesis
  • Maintain a UO Cumulative Graduate-Level GPA of 3.0 or higher

Program of Study: All Individualized Master’s Program students and their advising committee will provide an outline of each student’s program of study.  These study plans are due in the graduate secretary’s office not later than the fourth week of the student’s first term.

Statistics Requirement: Together with their committee each student should identify, either in the Department of Psychology or in a different department, which graduate-level statistics courses would best meet the student’s needs and level of preparation in order to meet this requirement.

Research Project vs. Formal Thesis: Students will be expected to complete a research project based either on literature analysis or an empirical research study.  If the student submits a master’s thesis to the Graduate School, 9 of the 45 graduate credits must be in Psy 503.  Note that the Department of Psychology does not require the research project be submitted to the Graduate School.

Review Process for Project or Thesis:  Students should discuss the review process with their advising committee the term before intended completion.  The review process can be lengthy and the approval of the project or thesis must be unanimous by the advising committee.

Time Limit: The Department expects that most students will complete the MA or MS in 1-2 years.

Distinction Between the Master of Arts and Master of Science Degree: Students pursuing an MA degree must demonstrate competence in a foreign language or have had two years in a foreign language, usually two years of undergraduate work in a foreign language with a grade of C or better.  (For foreign students using English as a second language, English may be used as the foreign language.)

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