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Gordon C. Nagayama Hall

Gordon C. Nagayama Hall profile picture

Research Interests and Publications

Dr. Hall is interested in the sociocultural contexts of psychopathology, cancer disparities, and Asian American psychology. His current projects include developing and evaluating socially valid treatments for depression among immigrants, understanding the effects of discrimination on mental health among Chinese international students, and identifying the basis of cancer screening disparities among Asian Americans. In addition to his work in the Department of Psychology, he is Associate Director of Research in the Center on Diversity and Community.

Dr. Hall is no longer accepting new graduate students.

Selected Publications:

Hall, G.C.N., Hong J.J., Zane, N.W., & Meyer, O.L. (2011). Culturally-competent treatments for Asian Americans: The relevance of mindfulness and acceptance-based therapies. Clinical Psychology: Science and Practice, 18, 215-231.

Hall, G.C.N., & Yee, A.H. (2012). U.S. mental health policy: Addressing the neglect of Asian Americans. Asian American Journal of Psychology, 3, 181-193.

Hall, G.C.N., & Yee, A. (2014). Evidence-based practice. In F.T.L. Leong, L. Comas-Diaz, G.C.N. Hall, V. McLoyd, & J. Trimble (Eds.), Handbook of multicultural psychology, Vol. 2: Applications and training (pp. 59-79).  Washington, DC: American Psychological Association.

Ibaraki, A.Y., Hall, G.C.N., & Sabin, J.A. (2014). Asian American cancer disparities: The potential effects of model minority health stereotypes. Asian American Journal of Psychology, 5, 75-81.

Ibaraki, A.Y., & Hall, G.C.N. (2014). The components of cultural match in psychotherapy. Journal of Social and Clinical Psychology, 33, 936-953.