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Research Labs

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Name Email Phone
Acquiring Minds Lab 541-346-1987
Adolescent Development and Psychopathology Team 541-346-4881
Brain and Memory Lab 541-346-6731
Brain Development Lab 541-346-8026
Brain Electrophysiology Lab 541-653-8266
Cognitive Dynamics Lab 541-346-4959
Computational Social Neuroscience Lab
Developing Mind Lab 541-346-1989
Developmental Social Neuroscience Lab 541-346-5213
Developmental Sociobiology Lab 541-346-4491
Freyd Dynamics Lab 541-346-4950
Groups and War Lab 541-346-0132
Hutchinson Lab of Cognitive Neuroscience TBA
Imagination Lab 541-346-0392
Kuhl Lab 541-346-4913
Learning Lab 541-346-7197
Memory, Attention and Individual Differences Lab 541-346-2921
Personality and Social Dynamics Lab 541-346-4928
(START) Science and Treatment of Affect Regulation Team 541-346-7054
Sleep Lab 541-346-7051
Social and Affective Neuroscience Lab 541-346-4909
Social Cognition Lab 541-346-4907
Social Psychoneuroendocrinology Lab 541-346-0475
Stress Neurobiology and Prevention Research Lab 541-346-8067
Visual Neuroscience Lab 541-346-4810
Wehr Lab 541-346-6302