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Requirements for the Minor

The Department of Psychology offers a psychology minor.  Fall 2016, the psychology major and minor requirements changed.  Please contact an advisor for details on changes.  Advisor contact information is available here.

Psychology Minor

Minor Checklist

28 total psychology credit hours
20 upper division psychology credit hours (includes 16 at UO)
All courses must be taken graded and passed with a C– or higher. Minimum psychology GPA of 2.0

Required coursework:

Mind and Brain (PSY 201) and Mind and Society (PSY 202)

Scientific Thinking (PSY 301)

Math 243 (recommended, but will accept Math 246 or higher)

Statistical Methods in Psychology (PSY 302) or equivalent*

Three 300-level psychology core courses numbered 304-309, including at least one from PSY 304 or PSY 305

*(Equivalents are Math 343, 425, 461, 462)