The Psychology Major

The mission of the Department of Psychology undergraduate program is to educate students about the major research findings and theories in the field of Psychology and to train them to use an empirical approach for understanding human behavior. Specifically, the program endeavors to provide students with

  • Broad exposure to the basic concepts, theories, findings, and ethical issues of psychology;
  • Education in the scientific method including hands-on research opportunities;
  • Strong critical thinking and written communication skills, including the ability to evaluate and convey the evidence for claims regarding human behavior; and
  • Applied experience through internship and practicum opportunities at partnering community organizations.

All students participate in and collaborate on research as part of the academic course sequence. Interested students are encouraged to gain additional research experience through research assistant positions in faculty labs and the undergraduate Honors thesis program. The psychology major affords students great flexibility in selecting upper-division courses to fit individual goals and interests. Classroom and hands-on opportunities are enriched by numerous faculty research programs that range in levels of analysis and intellectual focus. An undergraduate degree in psychology provides the background for a broad range of careers, including social services, education, law, or graduate programs in psychology.